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Unlocking the Secrets of Google Home Hub: Is It the Smart Home Game-Changer You Need?

Published at 1/28/2024

Alexander Hack

Alexander Hack

7 mins read

Google Home at Comfortable Home

Hey there! Have you ever wondered if your home could be a bit smarter and more helpful? Well, let's dive into the world of Google Home Hub, or as it's now known, Google Nest Hub. Imagine having a little assistant right on your countertop, ready to show your favorite photos, play some tunes, or even help you cook dinner. And if you're into bigger screens, there's its sibling, the Google Home Hub Max. I personally love how these gadgets have simplified things at my place – making phone calls and controlling lights without lifting a finger is pretty cool, right?

Getting to Know the Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max

What They're All About

The Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max are like the Swiss Army knives of smart home devices. Think of them as your go-to helpers for just about anything at home.

  • Google Home Hub: This little guy is perfect for any room. It's got a neat 7-inch screen where I love displaying my family photos. It's also great for those times when I need a quick weather update or want to turn down the thermostat without getting out of bed.
  • Google Home Hub Max: Now, this is the big brother with a 10-inch screen. I use it for video calls to catch up with my friends – the camera even recognizes my face and shows my personal schedule and reminders. And the sound quality? It's like having a mini-concert in my living room.

Tech Talk

Both the Home Hub and Home Hub Max are pretty smart when it comes to tech. They connect to loads of smart devices, and with Bluetooth, syncing my phone or speaker is a breeze.

  • Bluetooth Fun: Whether it's streaming a podcast from my phone or connecting to my Bluetooth speaker for a better sound experience, these hubs handle it seamlessly.
  • Smart as a Whip with Google Assistant: Asking Google Assistant to do things is a game changer. "Hey Google, dim the living room lights," or "Play my chill playlist," and voila, consider it done.

Google Smart Hub and Amazon Smart Hub are major contenders in the smart home ecosystem. Google excels in seamless integration with Google services, while Amazon stands out for its extensive third-party device compatibility through Alexa. The choice depends on individual preferences and existing ecosystems.





$ 129


$ 179


2 Speakers


7 Microphone Array


Combines all Google searches in background (understands context when asking multiple related questions)


Artificial Intelligence named Alexa with over 3000 features (ex. Calling an Uber, Ordering Domino's)










1 Year


1 Year

Evolution and Updates of Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max

Alright, let's dive into the latest scoop on what's happening with the Google Home Hub (now Nest Hub) and the Nest Hub Max. You know, keeping up with these updates is like following a thrilling tech series!

Recent Changes and Updates

Both the Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max have had quite a journey over the past year. Interestingly, there's been a bit of a shift – we're seeing more features being taken away rather than added. For instance, Google decided to end support for Assistant voice apps on the Nest Hub. This means some games, third-party notes/lists, and certain smart home integrations aren't available anymore. It looks like Google's streamlining their approach, focusing more on first-party experiences – stuff like controlling smart devices, streaming content, and displaying those adorable photo slideshows.

But don't worry, it's not all about taking away. The 2nd-gen Nest Hub, which was priced at $49.99 (usually $99.99), and the Nest Hub Max, currently at $129 from $229, still offer plenty of value, especially for music streaming and smart home controls.

Matter Update for Nest Hub Max

Here's something cool – the Nest Hub Max is testing a new update called the "Thread-Matter update." This is particularly interesting because it's set to drop the Nest Hub Max's ability to act as a bridge/extender for certain Nest products. Previously, it could extend the range for products like the Nest Detect and Nest x Yale smart lock, but that's changing with this update. It's all part of Google's preparation for a new smart home standard, so there's still a lot to look forward to.

Google Nest Hub 7”

Google Nest Hub 7”

Fuchsia OS Rollout

Both Nest Hub devices are getting a new lease on life with Google's Fuchsia OS. The latest update, Fuchsia version 14, is rolling out, bringing improvements like better Matter support – that's the new smart home standard I mentioned earlier. There are also fixes for overnight presence events and enhancements to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

What I find interesting is that despite these changes, Google's focus seems to be shifting a bit towards their Pixel Tablet. But the Nest Hubs still serve a market, especially given their more affordable price points. Looking forward, Google might not be planning a new Fuchsia-powered Nest Hub soon, but they're definitely keeping the current models competitive with these updates.

So, in a nutshell, the Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max are adapting and evolving, offering a mix of familiar features and some new updates. Whether it's a matter of streamlining or gearing up for future tech, it's definitely an exciting time for smart home enthusiasts!

Targeted User Experience with Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max

Google Smart Hub

Now, let's get into how the Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max fit into the lives of different people. Whether you're a tech wizard or just want to make life a little easier for grandma, there's something for everyone.

For the Elderly: A Helping Hand

  1. Voice Commands: "Hey Google, call Sarah." That’s how easy it is for my grandma to stay connected with us, thanks to the voice command feature. No fiddling with phones or complicated gadgets.
  2. Reminders and Alarms: Setting up medication reminders or alarms for doctor's appointments is a breeze. It's like having a personal assistant who never forgets.
  3. Display of Photos: The Google Home Hub doubles as a digital photo frame. For my grandma, seeing rotating pictures of family memories is a joy.

For Tech-Savvy Homeowners: The Smart Home Dream

  1. Smart Home Control: "Hey Google, dim the living room lights." Imagine controlling your entire home with just your voice. That's the kind of power the Nest Hub series offers.
  2. Personalized Information: Face Match technology on the Nest Hub Max ensures that I get my personal updates and my partner gets hers, without any mix-up.
  3. Entertainment Hub: Streaming music, watching videos, or even following a recipe video while cooking – it's all possible and incredibly convenient.


Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub Max

Screen Size






Face Match



Sound Quality



Smart Home Integration




More affordable


Real-Life Story: My friend John, who's super into his smart home gadgets, swears by his Nest Hub Max. He loves how it connects with his smart thermostat, lights, and even his security system. It's like having a command center for his entire house.

Making the Smart Choice - Buying the Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max

So, you're thinking about bringing a Google Home Hub or Home Hub Max into your life? Great choice! Let me tell you, owning one of these is like having a slice of the future today.

Why It's a Smart Buy:

  1. Versatility: Whether you're cooking, relaxing, or managing your smart home, these devices have got you covered.
  2. User-Friendly: Intuitive design makes them accessible for all ages - tech-savvy or not.
  3. Entertainment at Your Fingertips: Stream your favorite music, videos, or even get recipe help while you cook.
  4. Stay Connected: Make hands-free calls or see your loved ones through video calls (with the Hub Max).

Personal Experience: I've had my Nest Hub in the kitchen, and it's like having my personal sous-chef and entertainer rolled into one. Streaming cooking tutorials while I chop veggies? Yes, please!

Tips for Buyers:

  • Look for Deals: Keep an eye out for discounts, especially during holiday seasons.
  • Consider Your Needs: Choose between the Hub and Hub Max based on your space and needs. Love video calls? Go for the Max!
  • Check Compatibility: Ensure it syncs well with your existing smart home devices.

In a nutshell, the Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max are not just gadgets; they're your partners in simplifying life and adding a touch of fun. Ready to make your home smarter?

Google Smart Hub

Google Smart Hub

Practical Uses and Common Questions About Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max

Let's explore some everyday uses of these smart hubs and tackle the burning questions you might have about them.

Everyday Practicalities

  • As an Entertainment Hub: Both devices excel in playing videos and music. You can ask your Nest Hub to play specific videos from YouTube, making it a personalized entertainment center.
  • Photo Display: The Nest Hub acts as a digital photo frame, displaying your favorite moments from Google Photos, even when idle.
  • Getting Directions: It offers convenient features like giving you walking or driving directions and even sending them to your phone.
  • Night Mode Setup: For quieter evenings, you can set up Night Mode, which dims the display and lowers the volume, ensuring an undisturbed night's rest.
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Addressing Your Questions

1. Functionality of Google Home Hub

  • What it does: Google Home Hub serves as a central control for smart home devices, an entertainment system, and a digital assistant. It can play videos and music, show recipes, control lights and thermostats, and much more. Its screen enhances the functionality over basic smart speakers by providing visual feedback and interactive controls.
  • Source:

2. Discontinuation Status

  • Current Status: As of now, Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max are not discontinued. They continue to receive support and updates, making them relevant and useful in the smart home ecosystem.

3. Comparison: Google Home vs. Google Hub

  • Primary Differences: Google Home is mainly a smart speaker focusing on audio interactions, whereas Google Hub adds a visual dimension with its screen, allowing for more interactive features and controls like video playback and smart home device management.

4. Google Home Hub vs. Max

  • Key Differences: The Home Hub Max features a larger screen, a camera for video calling, and superior audio capabilities compared to the standard Home Hub. These enhancements make the Max version more suitable for multimedia consumption and interactive communication.

5. Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Connectivity Features: Both the Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max come equipped with Bluetooth, enabling them to connect with a wide range of compatible devices for audio streaming and more.

6. Value for Money

  • Worth the Investment: If you are deeply integrated into the Google ecosystem or keen on establishing a smart home, the Google Home Hub series offers significant value. Their multifunctional nature makes them a worthy investment for modern homes.

7. Display and Communication Features

  • Photo Display and Phone Calls: Yes, they can display photos, particularly from Google Photos, and make phone calls. The photo display feature turns the device into a digital photo frame when idle, and the call feature is handy for hands-free communication.

8. Operating Mechanism

  • How They Operate: Google Home Hub devices operate primarily through voice commands, leveraging Google Assistant to execute tasks, answer queries, and control other smart devices.

9. Range of Functionalities

  • Versatile Uses: From controlling smart lights to playing your favorite Spotify playlist, setting reminders, getting news updates, or even showing recipes, the range of functionalities is broad and adaptable to various needs.

10. Typical Usage

  • Use Cases: These devices are typically used for home automation, personal entertainment, staying informed with news and weather updates, and maintaining connectivity with others through calls and messages.

Each of these aspects highlights the versatile nature and the evolving role of Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max in enhancing the smart home experience.

Pro Tip: Remember, the Google Home Hub (Nest Hub) and Home Hub Max can be reset if they ever glitch. Just unplug, wait a minute, and plug back in. It's like a fresh start!

Conclusion - The Smart Home Game-Changer?

Google Smart Hub

As we wrap up our exploration of the Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max, it's clear that these devices have carved out a significant niche in the smart home universe. They blend convenience, entertainment, and smart home control in a way that's both accessible and futuristic.

  • Impact on Smart Homes: The Google Home Hub series has redefined what we expect from smart home devices. Their ability to integrate with a myriad of smart home gadgets, combined with the power of Google Assistant, makes them central players in the smart home arena.
  • Suitability for Various Users: Whether you're a tech enthusiast looking to create a connected home ecosystem or someone seeking to simplify daily routines, the Nest Hub series offers something for everyone. Its user-friendly interface and versatile functionality make it a fit for all ages and tech comfort levels.
  • The Future of Google Home Hub: With ongoing updates and enhancements, Google shows a commitment to keeping these devices relevant and useful. While the focus may shift towards new devices like the Pixel Tablet, the Nest Hub series remains a solid choice for those wanting a reliable and capable smart home assistant.

In conclusion, the Google Home Hub and Home Hub Max continue to be valuable additions to any smart home setup. They offer a blend of entertainment, information, and home automation, packaged in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Whether they're game-changers or not, they certainly make life a lot more convenient and connected.